Sheet metal processing

2D and 3D laser cutting together with state-of-the-art bending machines make semi-finished products qualitatively superior to the standard.

Assembly and Welding

EVO srl. is equipped with the best welding equipment.

Precision metalwork

We produce precision metal carpentry structures achieved through a combination of welding and machining processes.

Turning and milling

The high technological content of the machines that communicate in real-time with the technical office embodies Industry 4.0

Plastic processing

The resources we have allow for the transformation of plastic materials as well as cutting and bending of polycarbonate / lexan.

Industrial automation and module assembly

EVO srl. carries out activities of design, manufacturing, and testing of customized industrial machines.

Technical office

Through the technical office, we offer support to our clients even during the design phase, providing the best solutions in terms of functionality, structure, and economy.


EVO srl. has a metrology room equipped with a continuous scanning 3D measuring machine and all the suitable instruments to certify a high standard of quality.